Thursday, October 18, 2007

Yep, I'm being sued.

Just so everyone knows I am one of the bloggers being sued by Quixtar, John Doe #12. Just want to be clear here so that even the lawyers that are representing Quixtar on this blogger suit know where I am coming from.
Let me start with a real basic freedom from the US Constitution because obviously they missed this one. I am an American, born and raised here. Therefore I have first amendment rights under the US Constitution that protects my free speech to express my opinions freely. I also have not been paid by Orin, Chris or anyone from the TEAM to post my blog site!!! They also have not contacted me in any way to coax me into creating or posting on my blog site. Also everything posted on my site is the TRUTH!! and public domain knowledge on top of that. You know I would love to continue and say some real desparaging comments but that would be stuping to Q's level. Sorry Q.