Sunday, September 9, 2007

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Here is some new updates from the IBO Rebellion blog!!:)

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Breaking news from behind the walls of Alticor / Quixtar. I am getting reports of a big blow up inside company walls. As I always try to do, I am attempting to confirm this with multiple sources. Stay tuned.
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Friday, September 7, 2007

Apparently Alticor / Quixtar / Amway doesn't have enough evil doers yet. In case you were wondering what could possibly suck up all that money. As it turns out it isn't only the JAY FACTOR that makes a huge sucking sound. The other sucking sound is Quixtar legal. They continue to suck up resources. Apparently not enough as Alticor is looking for more upstanding LSAT'ers. Here are two postings for MORE attorneys. The two postings below are actual job postings listed on August 13th 2007. They must have realized they were in for a fight after their boneheaded moves on the 9th. We always say live your priorities. Raise prices, lower PV, hire more lawyers!
Job title Corporate Counsel-LitigationAutoReqId2055BRPositions Available1 Department Litigation :7416CompanyAlticor : 800Location/WorksiteMI, AdaType of employment Full Time : FShift1Job description
The Litigation Corporate Counsel staff attorney position will provide support to the litigation practice area, which covers a wide variety of legal subjects including large complex matters. The Litigation attorney will assist with the discovery process, the preparation of court pleadings, and the responses to court orders. The Litigation attorney will interact with internal business clients, attorneys in other practice areas of the Legal Department, outside counsel, and other legal staff to complete assigned work.
Minimum Education/Experience Requirements
Qualified candidate must have a JD degree from an ABA accredited law school and be a member in good standing of the Michigan State bar. Candidate must have 2-4 years experience in the litigation practice area.
Other Requirements
Candidate must display independent judgment, be an effective team member, and work well in a cross-functional environment. Proficiency in written and verbal communications is necessary. Experience with discovery in complex matters is beneficial.

Job title Corporate Tax CounselAutoReqId2203BRPositions Available1DepartmentTax Counsel :7117CompanyAlticor : 800Location/Worksite MI, AdaType of employment Full Time : FShift1Job description
As Corporate Tax Counsel for Alticor, the position advises management on all aspects of Alticor’s global tax matters, engages in complex tax planning and research, supports worldwide tax compliance, assists in the management of domestic and international tax audits and manages the implementation of projects. This position achieves the following important objectives for Alticor: increases Alticor’s cash flow and after tax operating income; reduces Alticor’s effective tax rate; minimizes the risk to Alticor and affiliates of the imposition of additional taxes, penalties and interest; and provides support to Alticor’s international affiliates on all tax and related financial functions. Job functions include: researching complex and specialized international, federal, and state tax issues; developing international and domestic planning ideas that exhibit a high degree of ingenuity and creativity, and which reduce Alticor’s global tax liability; successfully implementing complex tax planning ideas or business transactions and restructuring that involve multiple countries, taxing jurisdictions and internal departments within the corporation; developing favorable return positions through research and analysis of the law and the facts; preparing and reviewing necessary compliance documentation, including forms, schedules and reports; assisting in tax controversy matters; and assisting and advising foreign and domestic affiliates with tax planning, tax audits and any other income, VAT, property, capital or other tax issues.
Minimum Education/Experience Requirements
Bachelor’s degree and J.D. required; license to practice law in a U.S. jurisdiction; CPA and/or LLM in taxation not required but helpful; and 5 to 8 years experience.
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